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How to enjoy a Japanese hot spring

  • Remove all your clothes in the changing room and place them into a basket with your bath towel. (Most Japanese hot springs do not allow you to wear a bathing suit. It may be intimidating for the first time, but can be a very enjoyable Japanese culture experience! However, you can bring a small modesty towel to cover yourself while you are outside of water.)
  • Take a shower or a use the buckets to wash and rinse your body before getting into a bath.
  • Enter into the bath and soak for a while. Relax and enjoy the onsen! (if the bath temperature is hot, get in slowly and try to stay still, your skin will cool a thin layer of water around it)
Make sure the modesty towel stays outside the bath. In Japanese culture, baths are for soaking, so only clean bodies, please.Wash your hair and body at shower area. You can sit on a stool and use a bucket to wash yourself. Most onsens also provide shampoo and soap that you can use. However, be careful not to get any shampoo or soap into the bath! 

After you finished soaking in bath, take a shower quickly to rinse your body. This process varies from person to person. Some people don't rinse after the bath to keep the minerals on their skin. At the same time, the bath is a shared space; many people regard it as good to rinse your body so that your body is clean. Your body is already relaxed and got some minerals while you were soaking.