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How to wear a yukata

Yukatas are a casual version of the Japanese Kimono. There are many kinds of yukatas that people wear for summer festival or other occasions. Also, many hotels and ryokans provide yukatas for guests to wear while they are staying. It is a very comfortable style of traditional Japanese clothing. Enjoy Japanese culture while you are staying with us!
  • Put your arms through sleeves
  • Bring right side of main section of yukata over the body, and pull left side over the right side
  • Caution! Make sure you do NOT do opposite of this process (right side over the left side), this is a way of Japanese people prepare bodies for funerals, and is considered bad manners.
  • Wrap a sash around your body and tie the ends together at front. For women, tie them around your waist, and for men, around your hips.
  • In cold weather, a coat called, Haori, is available. You can wear it anywhere in or around hotel.