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Innovative multi-course meals to enjoy the seasons of Shinshu

Nagano prefecture is a kingdom of delicious vegetables. Our nutritious vegetables are fed by the clear streams flowing from the mountains and the fresh air of the highlands. Local dishes from Shinshu (the old name for Nagano) are cooked with pork, beef and mountain trout in innovative multi-course Japanese meals using seafood that enable you to enjoy the taste of all the Shinshu seasons.

Renewed on July 2015, restaurant Teppanyaki Sakura caters up to 144 guests (36 tables). Also housing 7 private rooms (30 seats) for families and groups, the restaurant features an open kitchen with a wood burning oven, rotisserie oven and a large-size teppanyaki grill for live culinary performances.

Dinner menu is centered around its full course meals, served with Shinshu premium beef, roast chicken and a range of local speciality foods. An a la carte menu is available to suit all tastes too.

Breakfast buffet is also served at this restaurant every morning and features plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

About our water
At Goryukan we use ground water. It is said that the ground water is snow that fell on the panoramic mountains of the Northern Japanese Alps 300 years ago. The crystal clear air and sweet water make the fresh ingredients all the more delicious.